Wallch 2.0 released!

Wallch 2.0 is now ready! Now Wallch supports both Gnome 2.0 and 3.0. Many users aren't sure if they would like to switch to Gnome 3.0 and that's why the program now just works in both 2 and 3 versions of the popular desktop environment. This version contains many bug fixes and new features, like Unity Support!

2011-08-21 10:00 by Alex Solanos
Wallch 2.0 - main window

Change your wallpapers automatically, now even better!

Wallch 2.0, does even better job while changing your wallpapers, because it contains bug fixes and optimizations.

The program supports changing images randomly as well as in random time. You can also take webcam and screenshot images to use as your desktop background.

Many new options and features!

Wallch 2.0 now suppors changing the lock screen background for Gnome 2.0, it shows you the elapsed time till the next wallpaper, it has unity support, like unity shortcuts and unity progressbar. Furthermore, history has now its own dialog where you can see your changed wallpapers. Of course, nobody must forget about the beautiful live earth picture:


If you want to download Wallch 2.0, here's the sourceforge link: Download