Wallch 3.0 released!

A new version of Wallch is available for download! Wallch now has a sleeker interface and allows you to download a pack of 1000 wallpapers, especially chosen for the users that don't have enough desktops for a nice wallpaper changing experience. It also comes with folder monitoring and picture of the day features!

2012-03-27 15:26 by Alex Solanos
Wallch 3.0 - main window

Change your wallpapers automatically, with style!

Wallch 3.0 comes with the new awesome feature of folder monitoring! Choose the folders that you would like to monitor and Wallch will automatically monitor them for changes! Every wallpaper you add to the monitored folders will be added to the wallpaper changing process, automatically. The same thing applies to the images that you remove from the monitored folders.

New options and features!

This new version of Wallch comes with the awesome feature of picture of the day! Picture of the day is an image that updates daily from wikipedia! The picture is usually about beautiful images of nature, famous persons of the past or the present and more interesting aspects.


If you want to download Wallch 3.0, here's the sourceforge link: Download