A python library for macro operations

What is MacroPolo?

MacroPolo is a python Library. If you are not a software developer then you may not be so interested in it. MacroPolo contains a class called Macro. This class contains methods that allow you to do very complex macro operations mainly based on your screen. For example, you can trigger an action when a pixel change its color or when an area of the screen contains one particular color.


MacroPolo contains functions that are able to:


MacroPolo depends on the Qt python bindings, as well as pyatspi. In order to install these needed packages in a typical Ubuntu installation, run the following commands:

The Code - Download

MacroPolo's code is licensed under LGPL 3 and it is available at GitHub. A very simple example usage of the macropolo library is the following:

The above code will move your cursor to (1, 1).