Our team

Who are we?

Our names are Alex Solanos and Leon Vitanos. We are from Chania, Greece and passionate for programming!

Alex Solanos


Born on July 14th of 1994. When he got his first laptop, it was shipped with Windows Vista. After a BSOD, which (coincidentally) happened way too early, he wiped his hard disk and installed Ubuntu in it. The way Open Source worked fascinated him and he quickly learned and loved to use the terminal. Bash was his first contact with programming but he quickly jumped to the C programming language, initially with the help of his father. From there, more programming languages followed, like Python, C++ and a little bit of Java. C++ is his best programming language, mainly because of the flexibility and power it has. He also loves the Qt framework and has worked along with it using its C++ and Python bindings.

Computer love <3

Alex is an active Ubuntu Member since May 24th, 2012. He is active at the Ubuntu Forums, Freenode and AskUbuntu with the nickname hakermania.

These are the most important projects that he has worked on (sorted by hours of work):

Current work

Interested in web development, he is busy learning HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript, while working on Wallch as well. His first web site created by hand (without a CMS or some advanced web development tool) is the one you are browsing now. He is interested in knowing better the Joomla and Wordpress CMSes.

Leon Vitanos


Born on 20 December 1994, Leon was introduced to Ubuntu by Alex. What really made Leon love Ubuntu was the many UI effects that fascinated him, like the famous wobbly windows. Eventually he started using the Qt framework using C++.


And various others, that he never published. They are kept in a hard drive that no human being expect him, knows how to access them (dramatic background music playing). He might publish them at the upcoming years, if proved kind enough. Many times he said "I got the damn ideas, but i ain't got the skills yet!".

Current work

He is currently studying at Computer Science Department of Thessaloniki, and making Wallch better.