A powerful cross-desktop wallpaper changer

What is Wallch?

Wallch is a wallpaper changer. It doesn't simply change your desktop background with the wallpapers that you have in your hard disk, though. While it does that well by monitoring the folder that you have selected for new or deleted pictures, it has lots of features, like Picture of the day, Live Earth, Wallpaper Clocks and Live Website!

Wallch is Open Source, which means that anyone can download and inspect the code. It currently works on Gnome (with or without Unity integration), LXDE, XFCE and Mate. Wallch version 4.0 is now available for download.


Live Earth

Live Earth Wallpaper sets as your desktop background a "live" wallpaper of the earth. For more information, please see here

Picture of the day

Picture of the day sets as your dekstop background a picture chosen from Wikipedia, updated daily! For more information, please see here

Wallpaper Clocks

Wallpaper Clocks combine beautiful wallpapers with the time and date. There are various wallpaper clocks that you can choose from. Pick your favourites from VladStudio.com. Wallch takes care of the installation of the wallpaper clocks in your system and the rotation of the wallpapers.

Live Website

Live website can set as your desktop background a web page of your choice. It was an early developed feature at the after the release of Wallch 3.0 and now it has evolved and allows you to sign in into a very wide range of websites and take a screenshot of an otherwise restricted page. Live Website also allows you to crop part of the page. Wouldn't it be fun to have your newsfeed as your desktop background?


Wallch 4.0

Wallch 4.0 screenshot

For 14.04

If you are on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS you can simply install Wallch 4.0 final from your repositories. This means that you can open the Ubuntu Software Center, search for Wallch and install it. If you search for the lightweight way to do it, then type these commands in a terminal:

You can also directly download the DEB files from this Sourceforge link.

For 13.0.4/13.10

If you use one of these older Ubuntu versions, you can grab the latest version via

Notice that this contains a beta Wallch 4.0 release, and not the final one.

For 12.04

If you've chosen something more stable for now and you've gone with the good old Ubuntu LTS release, then you can grab the latest version via

Notice that this contains a beta Wallch 4.0 release, and not the final one.

Wallch 3.0

Wallch 3.0 screenshot

You can download Wallch 3.0 via Sourceforge here. Notice that Wallch 4.0 is the recommended version to download.

Wallch 2.1

A futuristic video trailer of Leon for Wallch 2.1

You can download it here.

Wallch 1.0

Wallch 1.0 screenshot

The first historic version of Wallch can be downloaded from here (only 32-bit DEB package or you can build from source).

The Code

Code screenshot If you are interested in inspecting the code of Wallch, or even if you have something really interesting to contribute to the project, you can find the code in Launchpad.

Learn More

There are quite a few references about Wallch on the web. Some of them are listed below.