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My wallpaper does not change

There may be several reasons why your wallpaper does not change while using Wallch. Here are some of them:

Online Features do not work

Wallch keeps crashing on Start

If Wallch keeps crashing while you are pressing the Start button that start the rotation process, then you've stumbled upon a nasty bug that has to do with a variable initialization. All you have to do in order to solve the problem is install the latest Wallch version from our PPA, running the following commands in a terminal:

Live Website login fails

There are 4 main reasons on why Live Website fails to login you into a website.

How to use Wallch?

Wallch is designed to be easy to use for the average user. Unfortunately, some options and preferences are a bit hard to explain with a few words. That's why this section exists.

How to use Wallpapers?

Wallpapers is used for rotating the wallpapers that you have in your local hard drive.

  1. Click the Browse button to select a folder. Wallch will search the whole folder and all of its subfolders for supported images, and it will automatically load them into the program. The selected folder and all of its subfolders will be monitored from Wallch for new or deleted images. The new images will be automatically added into the list and the deleted ones will be removed automatically.
  2. Set the interval of the wallpaper changing process using the slide below the wallpaper list. Every time this interval timeouts, a new wallpaper from the list will be set as your desktop background.
  3. Choose whether you want the wallpaper images to shuffle or to appear in the order they are into the list. You can do so by checking or unchecking the Shuffle checkbox, below the wallpaper list.
  4. Start the wallpaper changing process. You can do so by clicking on the Start button below the wallpaper list. The Start button will transform into a Pause button. Using that button you can pause the wallpaper changing process. Also, using the buttons around Pause, you can go to the previous or to the next image, as well as stop the process.

How to use Live Earth?

Live Earth is used for setting a "live" image of the earth as your desktop background, updating every half an hour.

  1. Be sure you have a working internet connection.
  2. Hit the 'Activate Live Earth' button to start the process.
  3. Hit the 'Deactivate Live Earth' button whenever you wish to deactivate the process.

How to use Picture Of The Day?

Picture Of The Day sets as your desktop background the current picture of the day taken from Wikipedia.

  1. Be sure you have a working internet connection.
  2. Decide whether or not you want to include the description of the image on it. Most users prefer the description printed on the image, because most Picture Of The Day images are not that interesting without the context behing them. So, check or uncheck the corresponding checkbox to enable or disable the description of the image.
  3. Hit the Activate Picture Of The Day button in order to start the process. Hit the Deactivate Picture Of The Day button whenever you wish to stop the process.

How to use Wallpaper Clocks?

Wallpaper Clocks combine beautiful wallpapers with the time and date. They come in small packages, downloadable from the internet. That way you can have a beautiful desktop, without the need of widgets.

  1. Download your favorite wallpaper clocks from VladStudio.com
  2. Head to the 'Wallpaper Clocks' tab of Wallch, and click on the Install button. Choose the wallpaper clock files that you wish to install. This will install the chosen wallpaper clocks into your system. Dragging and dropping them into the Wallpaper Clocks list will work too. The installation should finish instantly.
  3. Check or uncheck the features that you wish to have on your wallpaper clock. For example, uncheck the 'Month' checkbox if you do not wish your wallpaper clock to display the current month. A live preview of the chosen wallpaper clock with the chosen features will be shown on the preview screen on the right side of the program.
  4. Select from the list the wallpaper clock you would like to start the process with and click the Activate Wallpaper Clock button. Whenever you wish to stop the process, click on the Deactivate Wallpaper Clock button.

How to use Live Website?

Live Website sets as your desktop background a web page of your choice. It is the most complex feature of all as it supports two types of login authentication, for setting as background web pages that require some privilege. The web pages are simple images and they are not interactive in any way.

  1. Choose any webpage of your liking and type it into Website. A better practice is to navigate to that site through a browser and copy the link off of it. This will prevent typing mistakes such as http://facebook.com instead of https://facebook.com
  2. Set the interval of the process. When this interval timeouts, then a new image will be generated by Wallch, with the updated content (if any) of the set web page.
  3. Choose whether you want to crop the image or not. Use the Crop Tool in order to set the cropping area. This option exists in order to crop part of the generated image, in case you want only part of the web page set as your desktop background, hiding unneeded information or advertisments. Please note that if you want to crop the final web page that needs privilege in order to snapshot it, you have to first configure the Add Login Details section and then proceed to crop the image to your liking.
  4. Choose whether you want Wallch to attempt to authenticate you to the website you have specified or not, by checking or unchecking the Add Login Details checkbox. Please note that if you want to authenticate to the website, then you will need to provide a web page that contains a login form under Website. In a rare case this may differ from the website's homepage. Provide Wallch with your login credentials and choose or not to Redirect to a certain page. Wallch will attempt to load that web page after attempting to log you in the website. You should uncheck this checkbox if you want to set as your desktop background the web page that you are redirected to after the authentication takes place, because this happens by default.
  5. Click on the Preview button in order to update the preview of your website in the preview screen on the right of the program. Set again any preferences that you don't like, gudging by the preview that you are seeing.
  6. Click on the Activate Live Website button in order to activate the process. Hit the Deactivate Live Website button whenever you wish to stop the process.


Wallch is a wallpaper changer for keeping your desktop fresh and new, and it tries its best to not be in the way of your important work. That's why we thought of every possible way to make the program controllable from various places. One of this is the indicator for Linux, or the tray for Windows. Below are listed some tips on how to use Wallch's indicator to make the full out of it.




Live Website



The History dialog contains information about the changed wallpapers through Wallch. Its purpose is to have a list of the changed wallpapers in case you have a very big collection of images and you want to check out a nice image that was set as your desktop background whenever you want. The dialog provides a right-click menu that allows you to interact with the saved entries.

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